The Mayor’s Message

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The Mayor’s Message

From the expanse of Ramallah, I welcome you.

I welcome you all on behalf of Ramallah, the people and the place, to whom I consider our belonging an honoring by God, due to the illustrious position this city has in the hearts of all the people of Palestine.

This living city which is vibrant with all forms of beauty and vitality, and which reigns in the hearts of its citizens, both residents and expatriates – without departing from them - and snatches the hearts of its visitors to bring them back time and time again.

This is Ramallah - another space for giving, a new place for innovation, and a creative arena for progress and the perpetuity of development, where ambitious human competencies meet in a complementary fashion in a state of ceaseless dialogue to create new spaces for the development of society and the well-being of the individual.

This is the link between the citizens and their society and between their present and their future in the cycle of sustainable development, which gives confidence in life and causes work to have an interesting meaning and stays the course.

Ramallah opens its arms to you, and welcomes you with the sunshine as it caresses its olive and almond trees, visits the shrines of its great people, and embraces its culture, buildings, institutions, and nestles the sweat of its loyal workers and employees.

Hand in hand we open, together, the gates of the city for more giving and building, and in which we welcome all of the people of Palestine, the Arab world, international friendly cities, and every believer in the cause of our people, to spread the joy and add new chapters to the sacred book of our land written with the blood of the martyrs; this land which was called Palestine, and has become known as Palestine, and shall continue to bear those eternal name and : "Palestine the land of love and giving."

Eng. Musa Hadid  
Mayor of Ramallah