Ramallah-Muscatine | بلدية رام الله

 Ramallah and Muscatine municipalities signed a twining agreement in June 2011 considering that both cities have mutual vision and objectives to exchange knowledge and expertise, as well as commitment to improving peaceful dialogue amongst their citizens and creation of a better mutual understanding through promoting communication between them.

According to the agreement, both side provide their best possible efforts for the Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights of freedom and independence, and the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. The agreement also includes that both cities cooperate in exchanging information and expertise in the fields of good governance, local culture, maintaining cultural heritage, urban planning, public transportation, health, youth and sports, protecting the environment, as well as encouraging the signing of commercial agreements and implementation of joint commercial projects.

In 2013, an exhibition of drawings of children from schools in Ramallah titled “Madeenati (My City)” was held at the Garden of Nations, and in cooperation with Muscatine municipality, the drawings were sent to Muscatine and presented in “Madeenati” exhibition there.

Muscatine is located in the State of Iowa in the United States with an area of 47.53 km2 with a population of around 23 thousand residents.

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