Ramallah-Sur/Dyar Bakr | بلدية رام الله
Ramallah-Sur/Dyar Bakr

 Ramallah municipality signed a twining agreement with Sur municipality, one of Dyar Bakr’s major cities, in 2012. The twining aims at implementing joint projects to improve the status of women, children and human rights in both cities. Both sides stressed on the importance of exchanging visits, particularly to be exposed to each other’s experiences in several fields namely the architectural nature and cultural and popular heritage especially that of the eight thousand year old Turkish city. The Turkish city is considered one of the oldest around the world, and is characterized by a distinct historical and cultural heritage. The agreement included exchange of expertise in areas other than culture, such as science, technology, health, sports, tourism, and naming and numbering as well. In addition to the importance of exchanged participation in festivals, exhibits and different activities.

Dyar Bakr, or Amed in Turkish and Kurdish, is the largest city southeast of Turkey, it is the administrative capital of a province holding the same name and located in the banks of Tigris River on the ruins of the ancient city of Amed. It gained its name from Arabs of Bani Bakr Bin Wael.

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